Reaching the end of what spreadsheets can do for you? Got a quote for thousands to build a tiny little app that you just want to use to manage you business? Let’s get productive again, fast, with a Simitless app for your data management needs. This site is the documentation for the platform. Try the yellow button up top to open the platform.



What is Simitless?

Simitless is a software platform, enabling professionals to build their own information systems. They are databases intended to inform decisions and help work management. We empower small companies by letting them build the information system that suits them, worthy of the tools available only for large conglomerate. Save your time and money by consolidating your information into one centralized and secure collaboration application.

How does it work?

Simitless works online. You can start with a model, or from scratch. Use a consultant from our network to get help setting up your system or do it on your own. Simitless is designed for full flexibility, including our pricing. It’s free to try and for small applications. Why not give it a risk-free try?

Platform Logical Structure

Platform Logical Structure

Platform basics

The Simitless platform is designed to be flexible. An unlimited amount of different applications can be created with ease. Where traditional software development methods would take months, creating the basic version of an application takes just a few minutes on Simitless. With a few more hours, a full-fledged custom company management application can be rolled out and be ready to use by your teams.

On the platform, everything is contained within a Workspace. Within workspaces, you create Applications. And within these applications, you then create a data structure that will be the backbone of your application. You can then sprinkle some sugar on your app by adding different constraints, calculations, various indicators of performance, for example. Wedge in some Perspectives to pre-define common analysis as well as the common ways you prefer to view or interact with your data, and you are done. Oh, and each user can create their own perspectives to view the data as they need, and they can share those with the other app users if they want.

Using the documentation

This documentation is here to give you a little more insight on how Simitless function. The Starting page is a good starting point, hence its name! You can at any point use the search feature that helps navigate the documentation through keywords. Most of the technical details on the platform are centered around its core, the data management. You’ll find them within the ApplicationsData Structure section. The application features, the information about using data in existing applications, are within the ApplicationsData section.

Platform Features