Data Licenses

Working with your application, you will handle and input plenty of data. What about the status of your information, numbers or even photographs in the different services and applications you create?

The legal aspect of the authorization to reuse – or not – is typically handled under the copyright law. To standardize the approach, we typically use data licenses so that each author don’t need to create terms and conditions from scratch every time.

It does sound like a lot of things to juggle (as well as to conform and even out), if you want to do business internationally, such as through the internet. But fear not and rest assured! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Institutions such as WIPO, EPO and international agreements (see, Berne Convention) attune both legislature and rights between different countries and continents. Having these bodies in place does remove a great deal of weight from the shoulders of creators.

Keeping things simple, and as a matter of fact, all rights and copyright protections enter into force automatically from the moment a work is created. It is not even necessary to declare or register said work. It is not even necessary to declare or register said work. All the author has to do is to prove that he or she is its author and that the work has been materialized. That is, that it has not remained just an idea in the mind of its (potential) creator. You cannot typically protect ideas.

Simitless keeps track of the creation date of your work on the platform, hence providing proof of the “materialization” of your work.

Types of data licenses

Simitless offers the following licenses links, for you to mark your data licensing in your applications:

Choosing a data licence

The following table summarizes what is allowed or not in the various data licenses.

License nameAttributionCommercial useModificationsContaminationDiffusion
Public DomainYesAllowedAllowedNoAllowed
Open dataYesAllowedAllowedNoAllowed
Artlibre (LAL)YesAllowedAllowedYes or compatibleAllowed